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Delvin flow was created in 1997 by our founding legend Mr Kerry Olsen. Kerry had designed and began to manufacture automated dairy farm cow shed wash down systems long before the advent of computer control. The first farm he designed and installed the system in was the Delvin farm in Taranaki, from then on the system was referred to as the Delvin system, and as time and technology progressed and overtook the original design, Kerry noticed an opportunity to start importing the valves and actuators that were replacing the original “Delvin” system, hence Delvin flow was born and 1997 became Delvin Flows birth year.

Since then, Kerry has grown the products and knowledge we directly import to an industry wide and respected leader for quality and customer support. He has built hugely respected relationships with worldwide suppliers and manufacturers. Since 2021 Brad McDonald has firstly joined the team, then purchased the remaining shares to become director, and take Delvin Flow through the next chapter.

We have cemented existing worldwide relationships, including becoming an exclusive distributer for SunYeh actuators, and have invested in the next stage of growth for Delvin Flow, and expanded our representation within New Zealand.

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